Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Remembering Rhode Island's Robert Peabody -- an important post from Cranston's Kmareka

It is heartbreaking and overwhelming to contemplate what is happening in Japan and so many places right now...

I am Grateful for the testimonies of Survivors and Artists and Veterans and, yes, Long-haired Hippies and short-haired and bald ones, too.

Here is a little essay about a man whose life was taken due to a nuclear accident.

If this link does not work, please let me know, via a comment here or facebook or hey, even a phone call or email....Thank you !

I encourage people to read the comments afterwards.

There will be a vigil, No More Nuclear Victims, today in Providence.


spectral_ev said...

Thanks, Nomi, for the mention.

spectral_ev said...

I have it back up, with comments open. come on over and speak out.