Thursday, April 14, 2011

Disagreement is one thing. Threats and Violence will be deleted.

This blog receives few comments and I have occasionally kept the spam when it is polite and doesn't take up a page.

I have no quarrel with disagreement and someone sharing information (as someone did recently) which she thinks is relevant. Or he.

Profanity does not always bother me any more than religiosity, although both can be off-putting.

When someone's comment is explicitly violent -- whether the violence is directed at me or at someone else makes no difference -- I will delete that comment.

This little blog is not a place for threats against anyone.

Some profanity will be removed promptly too.

There are certain insults I have a low tolerance for.

When I find a site deeply objectionable, I find it exceedingly easy to remove it from my screen, easier, in fact, than it is to change a radio station or tv channel.

On a funny note:

Years ago I shared an office with a friend who favored a radio program of a famous right wing commentator. We were both in and out of the office quite often. If I returned, and she was listening, I never asked her to turn it off, but sometimes I did ask her to lower the volume. Our desks were adjacent. She did ~ our friendship never suffered ( at least not to my knowledge and truly she helped me get that job, and I won't forget that kindness ). This was in 1989 !

I have been searching for this friend on facebook and not found her (she moved to Boston some time ago) and do not know if her last name has changed....


Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

Violent rhetoric is always appalling, and it seems to the majority of rightwing rhetoric, even from "mainstream" media sources.

If you've got to fight, you've got to fight with a loving heart.

mikeb302000 said...

Sorry I haven't been over here more often to know what nasty comments you're referring to. But, as you know, I've had my share over on my blog. The amazing thing is some of the right wing nuts actually say it's the liberals who do that more than they do. Sometimes it's hard to know what part of their lies they actually believe and what part they're just saying to make trouble and be disagreeable.

green commies aren't said...

The one from your site about how the green Commie Chineese weren't too mean for D'o'C to read