Monday, May 2, 2011

Birthday Doubts

Helloooo...... Mr. President, are you listening??: Those damn birthers!!!

I think it relevant to note that the hospital I was allegedly born in no longer exists, apparently, and it was (I'm told) in New York City, but oddly I have no recall of the event or location.


democommie said...

That's odd. You don't look the least bit like a KenyaLizardofascist.;) Happy Birtherday!!

Sue said...

thanks for the linky love, much appreciated, as well as the apostrophe lesson! :-)

Nancy Green said...

you're one of the Indigo Children, sent to greet the dawning of the Age of Aquarius. I saw the May Day play at the farm and it changed my life. I can't get the theme from Hair out of my head.

Anonymous said...

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