Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Providence En Español - Muere el concejal Miguel Luna

Providence En Español - Muere el concejal Miguel Luna

I thought that Miguel had been in Rhode Island longer than I or for the same length of time. Now I realized that I did arrive about a year or so ahead of him....

In recent years, I did not see Miguel as often as I did in the '80s and '90s, simply because I went to fewer rallies and protests, and even when we worked in the same building, he was very busy serving his part of the city.

Miguel was a wonderful person, but I am surprised to see no mention of Shannah Kurland, with whom he lived (I do not know if they were married) for many years. Shannah is also an activist, a leader, a fighter against injustices. Shannah is the mother of the three children. She told me once that they were still friends although no longer "together" as a couple.

Miguel Luna was a mensch.

He was warm and approachable and honorable.

Miguel identified as Black and Latino, as Latino and Black. He worked with poor people of all backgrounds and, I'm pretty sure he supported Gay Rights and many other Civil Rights' Movements.

There is irony in some of the comments certain leaders have made about him, when they do not acknowledge how sharply differing their votes were on many issues.

I will not say we were close friends, but our politics were very close. We went to Washington, D.C. on the same buses.

It is not easy for me to imagine Providence without him.

Miguel Luna, Presente ~ !

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