Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What would Rhett S. Jones say ?

Rhett S. Jones was first my professor and later, a mentor and friend, and I miss him.

His birthday was yesterday, and the date of his death was July 30, 2008.

He was a scholar and always thoughtful of the context of events, always curious, always questioning.

Our conversations were as often about local politics and history as about global ones.

Sometimes I shared my disillusionment with him, and he respectfully and firmly gave me a perspective. He helped me find humor too. He was unfailingly kind and patient and when my son (going back several years now) would abruptly wake (sometimes noisily) from a nap, he never chastised me for the interruptions. . .

I don't know what Rhett would say about this economy or about what is happening in England now or about the football collective bargaining agreement.

We can watch and listen to a clip of him grading the United States' character on the topic of racism thanks to this video.

When I watched the video above ( I hope that link works !), it ended abruptly... There is another one recorded by the same journalist which I have not yet seen.

I think I shared this document once before,
but here is a little biography and photo of Rhett...

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