Thursday, December 1, 2011

AIDS, Frank Jump & the Ninjanurse

I think it's been a year ( or perhaps 2) since I was searching the internet for blogs touching on AIDS in ways that might touch Rhode Island, and I found a New Yorker's blog,

Fading Ad Blog

"vintage mural ads and other signage" !!! Oh, I have met dozens of RIers, many, like myself adopted RIers) who could spend hours studying this kind of thing.

Frank, the blogger, and I became facebook friends, and I am happy to share he has book out! Fading Ads of New York City and there is a wonderful piece in The New York Times about it !

I hope these links work.....

The Ninjanurse has a post in Kmareka about AIDS.

The Ninjanurse is a true Rhode Islander, although she doesn't have the strong accent so many project. She is a tremendous writer and friend and nurse, and I have been honored to share a workplace with her.

The recent column about Blossom S. Kirschenbaum is worth reading, as are all of her posts.

AIDS is still here and schools are still silencing lessons about condoms.

I would rather we devoted resources to HIV research than to chemical weaponry.


Nancy Green said...

I like the red ribbons on your facebook posts.

SeanExports said...

I really agree with your posts, its amazing. We should develop research for this rather than weaponry and wars.I currently work from home selling import export goods online, and my profits have been great, also a great thing that I have time for my family. I have enough to go back to school and maybe become a medical researcher.