Saturday, December 31, 2011

From Facundo Cabral

The morning Facundo Cabral was murdered, I barely knew who he was. I was moved by the grief a friend of mine in Guatemala conveyed, and her shame at the violence so endemic.

In facebook and online, I found many others grieving the loss of this man, who had so much love for so many, and such wisdom and humor, and, of course, his music....

Here is one saying attributed to him:

Se gana y se pierde, se sube y se baja, se nace y se muere. Y si la historia es tan simple, ¿por quĂ© te preocupas tanto?

Here is my very quick unedited translation:

One wins and loses, one is up and down, one is born and dies. And if the history is so simple, why do you worry so much ?

I am a gifted worrier, a talent both inherited and learned, and sometimes I 'worry' about this blog, not doing justice to my beloveds above: to Rhett S. Jones and Marsha Z. West, to Harold Rogovin and to Grace Paley....

Then I find a comment or a link, find someone who responds to one article or one quote, and the worry evaporates.

How Grateful I am for this community of commenters, bloggers, readers and writer.

Thank you, each and every one.

I celebrate the lives of many who have died, and bring their names and stories to the babies and children and teenagers....

Thank you, each and every one.

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Anonymous said...

We arrive with nothing, we leave with nothing. What have we lost? Nothing!

Eric Idle