Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Muhammad Ali at 70: What he meant, what he means

Muhammad Ali at 70: What he meant, what he means

As a non-boxing fan, almost anti-boxing really, and young, I grew up not appreciating Muhammad Ali. There were no boxers I appreciated, although I could name a few.

Was it serendipity or the wisdom in choosing my sweetheart, but I was invited to see the documentary, When We Were Kings, when it was first playing in Manhattan. I was enchanted by Eric. What documentary would I have turned down ?

Watching the film, I still covered my face when the punches fly and especially when they landed, but it opened my eyes to his tremendous history... It's a great film, I will find a link later....or in a day or two.... It gave me a fresh awareness of George Foreman, and of others, too...

Happy Birthday, Muhammad Ali ! Thank you for your clarity and courage.

Thank you, Dave Zirin, for this essay, and for many others....

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