Monday, January 9, 2012

Sweet Marsha Z. West ! Look What I Found !

Thinking about Marsha Z. West, and imagining listening to her thoughts on The Help and on the greater world of Theater and Love and Many things,

I found this amazing site, African Amer Playwrights Exchange

I don't have the time now to check out all the links on the side, but I see Rites and Reason, of course, and I recognize some of the names.

And it is a treat and a joy to see many names that are new to me....

I don't doubt for a second that if I searched, I would find Marsha's name in an earlier post, and that she probably knew artists involved with almost all of those theaters and websites. She was "Mama" to many !

I am so grateful to have witnessed her on the stage and to have been directed by her.

As Marsha, wrote in her notes: "Smooches" . . .


nathalia mena said...

I think of her day and night. She was a Mama to many RIP Mama you will never be forgotten.

gravelle pierre said...

I was just thinking of Marsha. I have 2 children who would have delighted her and been delighted by her.