Monday, February 27, 2012

Billy Crystal Wins Best Racist at #Oscars 2012

Billy Crystal Wins Best Racist at #Oscars 2012

I missed parts of the Billy Crystal remarks. . . . I am going to write something from my Jewish perspective but for now, just want to share this excellent post.

Sometimes I play with the titles, but not today.

Looking forward to playing a Jewish card. Yup.

Thank you, Jack and Jill Politics....

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democommie said...

Hi, Nomi:

I'm sorry that I don't get here more often. Life just seems to be whirling around me at a constantly accelerating pace--while I keep moving slower and slower.

I only saw about three minutes of the Billy Crystal opening. The Sammy Davis, Jr. bit was lame.

I had a less than stellar evening at a local bar, from which I returned about half an hour or so ago. I penned a screed at my place. It's, as is always the case when I deal with clueless asshole conservaturds, nasty. Take a look and cut'n'paste if it isn't too offensive for your readers.

I hope and wish your life goes well