Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sending Love to the Family of Juliet Steer

I have only just today learned of the cruel effort made by one woman to have Juliet Steer removed from her resting place.

From what I have read about Ms. Steer, she sounds like a very thoughtful caring woman. Firstly, I offer my condolences to her sons & loved ones for the loss of her presence....

I cannot imagine what it is like to have to hear this woman's complaints and have to deal with lawyers & more...

It is good the Congregation of Ahavath Achim is defending your family's rights.

Racism must be confronted.

The particular irony, which I have not seen in any of the articles I read, is that:

Ahavath Achim means: The Love of Brothers.


I am in Rhode Island, not that far from Connecticut, and I share in your grief.

Thank you, Steer family, for your Grace and Faith, and please, know that I am honored to imagine being near you. I will hope to learn more about my Sister Juliet Steer to keep her memory alive.

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