Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Phil Ochs Song Night in Portsmouth, Rhode Island on Saturday, April 14.

This concert I am NOT going to miss.

If you click on the link on the April 14 entry, it will take you to the Sonny Ochs site, which, in turn, has many helpful and important links.

This past Monday was both the Birthday of Paul Robeson, and the date on which Phil Ochs committed suicide.

Two very different, very generous and deeply talented men.

And, I learned recently, this past Monday was the birthday of a very beloved member of the Grace Paley family. I don't have his permission to mention it, and we have not even spoken, but I hope it was a Joyful day and that there are many more Birthdays for all of Grace's Family Members..... and that is a Very Extended Family....

Lastly, Joyce Katzberg will be singing on Saturday as part of the Phil Ochs Song Night ! !

We are blessed.

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