Friday, January 18, 2008

...Because Providence College Janitors are Part of Our Beloved Community

When: Tuesday, January 22, 2008....3:00pm -- 5:00 pm

What: Rally to Support Providence College (PC) Janitors

Where: Main Entrance Gates, 549 River Ave., Providence, RI

Who: Students of all ages ( and not limited to PC!). Barring illness, I will be there!

Why: Description is below:

"This nonviolent rally will take place in remembrance of Martin Luther King, Jr., whose speeches and public demonstrations remind us of the possibility of a peaceful, brotherly society and the creation of a beloved community."

"This rally will call on the Providence College administration to use its voice in the current negotiations between janitors and their contracting company, Hurley of America...."


Bugzita said...

I LOVE your blog, Nomi!


Anonymous said...

Do you think the Providence College janitors' strike has anything to do with the Mouse Madness going on in Aquinas and St. Joseph? Mice in dorms is just disgusting. Who is responsible for keeping mice out?

I heard there was a problem with the exterminator and the mouse problem is being blamed on the janitors.

I loveeeeee your blog!


Anonymous said...

How could this keep going on at Providence College? Janitors are people too. They are not in charge of the big mouse population. The mice in the dorms are not their fault. They are the fault of people who did not negotiate properly.


CBC said...

Mice should not infest any dorm, Providence College or other college. Mice infested living quarters are simply wrong!

There are standards of living for all human beings. Living with free-roaming mice is not part of that standard, I can assure you.

Hopefully under the Obama administration, all Americans can expect to live free of mice and other meaty rodents.