Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Serendipitous meeting with RI's Rep. Langevin on Jan. 21. 2008

By sheer luck, I bumped into my congressman eating lunch with a group of suspiciously young looking people ( indeed, I learned they were all affiliated with RI's Institute for Study & Practice of Nonviolence...http://www.nonviolenceinstitute.org/) and when the group disbanded, he graciously spent a few minutes with me.

Despite my plan to focus on CPL. Ciara Durkin (see link below) and Jamie Leigh Jones, a few other issues surfaced before he left the diner.

My son was patiently playing with his new gadget.

Jim Langevin had apparently heard Jamie Leigh's testimony before Congress, and made appropriate sympathetic noises.

He had not heard of Ciara.

Massachusetts and Rhode Island are kissing cousins in a geographic sense. Mr. Langevin told one of the people with him to find out which congressional district the Durkin family lives in. I was pleased. I will be following up more formally with his office.

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