Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Strike May Begin Friday at Providence College

I've just learned from the facebook group, Support The Hurley Employees For A Fair Contract, that there will likely be a strike as of Friday February 1..

Donations of food (canned) and funds can be dropped off at the Feinstein Institute Office on the Fourth Floor of the Feinstein Center.

In the interest of supporting the workers / not crossing picket lines, faculty members are planning on holding classes in off-campus settings (incl. homes). More spaces are needed. I think I'm too far from campus...

I have been a guest speaker for a few years on the Providence College Campus for Adjunct Faculty member, Ms. Deoshore Haig. We'll be speaking soon about these events/tensions...

The Providence College students have been remarkable in their spirit, organization and comprehension. It is an honor to associate with them and with Custodial workers.

Update 1/31/08: The strike is planned for February 1-3, Parents' Weekend. Here's more:

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