Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Loyal Jewish Soldier in General J.C. Christian's Army

I am. (see title above).

Jesus' General has some mighty fine links, all firmly Heterosexual and Manly.

Read the comments for detailed analysis, footnotery, et cetera.


multisect said...

Jesus' General has undertaken the manly duty of reminding us that religion isn't the sole province of the Mohandas Ghandis, Sufis, Peace Now, Dalai Lama, or St Francis of Assisi types, there is a place for us who believe faith is best served by a violent, hate filled tribalism! To be directed against a totally evil Other! And if that Other doesn't have anything we really want, to be directed against a different but similar Other who does!

multisect said...

P.S. I think we can accomplish this worthy and holy task for a mere $400 million a day.

Nomi said...

Thank you, multisect, for your carefully composed erudite and sage contributions.

If I am not yet linking to any blog or site of yours, please drop me an email or promote it freely in this comment section. ( I prithee no hair products, et al.)