Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Better Late Than Never?

Now that National Poetry Month has been over for 4 solid weeks, I think it is high time that I acknowledge the Block Island Poetry Project.

I suspect there will be future workshops and readings. Someday I will meet Lisa Starr and Champ and maybe even the kids.

Here's the link:

It took me 25 years to set foot on Block Island (B.I.) and I sure plan on returning as soon as I can. Said my son, let's spend a week or two there this summer...ah would that it were possible...but the drive to the ferry from Providence is shorter than the drive to New Haven...even the ferry ride was lovely. I don't even think there are mosquitoes on Block Island. The library was extraordinarily friendly. The place is teeming with amicable dogs and moped drivers whose bark was not all that bad. I always preferred lakes to salt water, but then I never appreciated dogs until recently either. Block Island is divine.

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