Saturday, May 24, 2008

Vogon Poem Generator: On Lilacs

I (Bugzita) generated the following poem on BBC's Vogon Poem Generator:

See, see the accomplished sky
Marvel at its big white depths.
Tell me, Nomi do you
Wonder why the pug ignores you?
Why its foobly stare
makes you feel sugary.
I can tell you, it is
Worried by your floomer facial growth
That looks like
A cookie dough.
What's more, it knows
Your lexiconist potting shed
Smells of caterpillar.
Everything under the big accomplished sky
Asks why, why do you even bother?
You only charm lilacs.

I used the following keywords: accomplished, white, lilacs, Nomi, sugary, caterpillar, floomer, lexiconist, cookie dough, and pug.

What do you think of computer-generated poetry as art?



Hi, Nomi!

In this case, it's hard to think kindly about Vogon' poetry, whether it's them or the computer doing the poetry.
Don't you know?

Vogons have the third worst poetry in the whole Universe.

The second worst poetry belongs to me, Grunthos the Flatulent (one of my alter-egos in another forum).

And the worst poetry in the Universe is seen sometimes in the Internet.

(Douglas Adams said so…)


Nomi said...

What means: "foobly" ???
and "floomer" ??

your posts are of immeasurable value, always

Bugzita said...

"Floomer" is a made up word--the little form I filled out asked for a made up word, so like the obedient soul I am, I complied.

Foobly? That silly word was theirs.