Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why Fire Anyone In The Middle Of The Night?

When the Mets first hired Willie Randolph as manager, I was a trifle unsettled, as he had been a Yankee during my formative baseball years ( 1974--1978 ). Of course, I knew that he had been passed over for Manager positions with many clubs, when many less qualified people were hired. Oddly, virtually all those other guys were white. I was also aware of the significant Met/Yankee crossovers. e.g. David Cone, Darryl Strawberry, Doc Gooden, Joe Torre (this list is in random order and far from complete). Soon I became appreciative of what this man knows and offers to players and fans. Willie Randolph knows the game.

All managers get fired. I understand and have witnessed that since the summer of 1974.

I, myself, have been "terminated" on one or two occasions in my professional life. That's not suggesting my work life resembles that of anyone in the baseball world. ( I have dreams of playing baseball, not yet of managing).

If there is a physical safety issue or any kind of child abuse issue: it is appropriate to fire someone in the middle of the night or whenever the offense has come to awareness. If the work shift begins at 3 a.m. then that is an appropriate time to "dismiss".

Barring those kinds of circumstance, no one needs to be fired at 3 a.m. No one.

I was not one of those thinking the
Mets' problems were primarily due to Willie Randolph's management.

Best wishes to Willie Randolph, a man of great wisdom and skills, a man who will be in position to fire people, and who will not fire anyone at 2 or 3 or 4 in the morning. I hope he comes to Rhode Island someday, so I have a chance to hear him speak or to meet him.


Anonymous said...

Cowards terminate employment at 3 a.m. What could possibly be another reason?

t.j. said...

You might be interested in this link: http://tigger.uic.edu/~schorsch/php/Fhhist3.htm

Part of the story talks about how a Baroness insisted in a lecture at Fordham that blacks be admitted as students. It ties in with this post and your earlier one on social justice.

Richard said...

I used to cover MLB and so I know baseball is nothing if not a cold, hard business. Willie got the gate at 12:15 local time as the Mets were on the west coast at the time. While it is somewhat unusual for a team to announce a managers' firing after a game, it is certainly not unprecedented. I guess your GM is next to go. And I just read a glowing profile of him last year in Sports Illustrated. If you missed it, go to SI.com and search for the article in the "SI Vault" section (type his name in the search line, you'll figure it out). You'll enjoy it.