Thursday, December 11, 2008

??? Rhode Island Wobblies' Rally: December 12, '08

I have just received a wonderful email from Jobs With Justice:

Perhaps the rally will be rescheduled...

An Injury to One is an Injury to All

Providence IWW Supports Chicago's Republic Window Workers' Message; Bank of America –

You Got Bailed Out, We Got Sold Out!”

Friday, December 5 marked the beginning of a factory occupation and sit-in strike by the workers employed at Republic Door and Window in Chicago, a manufacturer of energy efficient doors and windows. The factory occupation was sparked by news delivered on Dec. 2 that the factory would be closing in three days due to a cancellation of credit by Bank of America. In addition to losing their jobs, management informed the workers that severance pay and pay for vacation time would not be paid, due to the swift revoking of credit by Bank of America. The total amount owed to workers is reported to be just over $1 million. As part of the recent Congressional bailout of Wall St., Bank of America received over $25 billion to extend credit to faltering businesses like Republic Door and Window.

The 200 Republic workers, supported by their union, UE Local 1110, have occupied the factory in shifts, supplied with only lawn chairs and food brought by families and Chicago community groups.

The Providence Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) join millions in proudly supporting the Republic workers in their message to Bank of America and corporate America - “You got bailed out. We got sold out.” Across the nation, the IWW joins the UE and other labor unions and community groups in demanding a “People's Bailout.”

The Providence IWW has organized a picket of Bank of America in conjunction with hundreds of other actions this week in solidarity with Republic workers. Our message is of class solidarity and of the demand that Bank of America financially ensure that Republic workers receive all their benefits and that the factory will reopen. On Friday, December 12th at 4 pm the IWW and supporters will rally and picket at the Bank of America Building, 111 Westminster street, downtown Providence.

The Industrial Workers of the World is a fighting labor union that believes that the interests of labor can be fully served only when working people are united as a class. The IWW wants to see all workers on the same job united, in the same industry in one union, who work for wages in one big union. Membership is open to all workers, regardless of race, gender, nationality or legal status.

Contact IWW member Justin Kelley for more info. 508.367.6434.

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