Thursday, December 11, 2008

BoA Is Not Off The Hook In Rhode Island

Below is the email I received from Jason:

Yes, Nomi, the event is certainly still on. We are celebrating the victory in Chicago and still demanding a Peolple's Bailout in RI and across the US. Thanks for your support, and hope to see you there.
New Press Release below and attached.

Friday Dec. 12
4 PM
Bank of America Building 111 Westminster Street

Jason F.
Providence IWW
Branch Delegate, IU 330

Late last Wednesday night marked the end of the factory occupation at Republic Window and Door, a momentous victory for both the striking workers and the working class and working poor across the nation. The 260 Republic workers of UE local 1110 voted "yes" unanimously to accept a $1.76 million offer covering eight weeks salary, severance pay, extended health benefits and legally due vacation time. Bank of America spokespeople assured these funds were specifically for the workers and not for Republic management and owners' "bonuses" and "luxury cars."

The Providence branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) has made a call to action this Friday Dec. 12 in solidarity with the striking workers at Republic and to condemn Bank of America's actions. The event will be a victory celebration for the Republic Window Workers, for their noble direct actions which they themselves have called "an example for many workers, if companies treat them unfairly." At 4 pm this Friday at the Bank of America building at 111 Westminster we will salute our brothers and sisters in Chicago.

Those two paragraphs are from the press release of today...

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