Thursday, January 29, 2009

Helen reviews Ann C's book

Helen = Helen Philpot
Ann C = Ann Coulter

Helen and Margaret are two friends who have a blog. They are older than some bloggers; they are wise; they are uproariously amusing. They are deservedly popular, but I know some have not yet discovered them, so I aim to sing their praises, in a bloggerly way.

This review is only of the first chapter. Here's an excerpt:

Basically this first chapter is Ann’s attempt to make the case that racism really doesn’t exist and victims really aren’t victims. According to Ann you should never help a victim because they are either lying about being victimized or they deserved it. Seriously. But then she does an immediate about-face and says the only real victims in the world are (were) ”George Bush, the duke Lacrosse players, Joe McCarthy, Jesse Helms, Tom Delay, the Swift Boat Veterans, and Sarah Palin.”

If you have time or need cheering up, I recommend reading some of Margaret's and Helen's earlier posts and the comments they elicited...

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