Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thank You, Providence Journal Editorial Writer(s)!

This editorial which I learned about thanks to Karen McAninch (hope I spelled that correctly) and facebook, is remarkably positive.

It's title is "A Library Lifeline?" and below is its first paragraph.

An intriguing idea has arisen that would put the Providence Public Library’s nine branches into the hands of a newly created nonprofit, leaving the PPL (also a nonprofit) in charge of the central branch — its heart and soul — on Empire Street.

By my lights the Providence Public Library is an atypical nonprofit by virtue of its endowment, its opacity and its history of unresponsiveness to the communities it serves.

The editorial is not the one I would have written, but it is part of the dialogue and presents questions.

Thank You, editorial writer or writers! Thank you also for publishing this on a weekday and not a Saturday...

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