Monday, January 26, 2009

Let's Recall Rhode Island's Governor ! -- Productive Monday Here We Come!

Pat Crowley has written about this on RI Future, and there is a facebook group," Recall Don Carcieri" which now has 450 members. I just learned about the facebook group this morning. Hmm...
Here's a small quote from that page.

Rhode Island Governor Don Carcieri has had 5 years to prove he can lead Rhode Island, he hasn't done it. During his re-election, he painted a rosy budget picture. It wasn't true. He has scapegoated working people, poor people, and everyone who doesn't agree with his way.

There is another facebook group, "Let's Cut Don Carcieri's Salary and Benefits in Half". I say why not offer this idea to Non-Rhode Island States?

We know you harbor secret Ocean State Envies!

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Nancy Green said...

let's take away his huge SUV and make him take his own car. let's make him give back the $15,000 he wasted on making friends with a consultant to Mitt Romney when he was hoping Mitt would be president.