Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Providence College Students Present The Vagina Monologues

As commenter, meadow reminded me: We are approaching that time of year.

Here is the article from The Cowl, the campus paper.

I have not seen any version of this event, but I have heard and read many, many wonderful things about it.

When I did a search on facebook, I found 315 groups, but here's a link to the PC production.

Has Patrick Kennedy (PC Alum) made any statements about this, either pro or con?


nancy green said...

one year the college refused to let the students use their theatre. Beneficent Church let them use their stage. the sign outside said 'The Providence College Monologues'

pauline said...

Think the 2009 Providence College Vagina Monologues will have alum Chris Dodd buying a ticket to the off campus show?

Perhaps he should.