Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Celebrating Community Service on Valentine's Day

Oddly, the Olneyville Neighborhood Association doesn't have a website or blog, I think. But it is a remarkable group of people and they send me emails. My interview there was conducted by several of the board members...and I learned that one of them was my neighbor, living only two houses away from me...

This Community Defense Network is made up of people all over Rhode Island, and probably Massachusetts, et cet.

¡el día de amor y amistad, celebra con la comunidad!
Sábado, 14 de febrero

Celebración del primer aniversario

de la Red de Defensa

en solo un año hemos

· dado consejos urgentes y apoyo directa a 55 personas

· repartido 2,000 tarjetas de conoce tus derechos

· proveído talleres de "conoce tus derechos" a mas de 300 personas

· logrado 2 intervenciones exitosas – que no agarraron a las personas

· organizado una protesta inmediata de 200 personas en contra la redada en las cortes

Ven y reconoce a los voluntarios que lo han hecho posible – come la comida más rica y disfruta la música, el amor y la amistad de nuestra comunidad y la donación de un cuadro precioso por la artista Salvadoreña Alicia Preza

de las 6:00 de la tarde hasta las 9:00

en ONA (122 de la Manton, donde está el flea market)

Donación: $5 - $25 (lo que puedas)

Llamanos al (401)228-8996 o envíanos un mensaje a onaprovidence@gmail.com
ONA – Asociación de Vecinos de Olneyville

On St. Valentine's day, celebrate with the community!
Saturday, February 14

Celebration of the first anniversary of the

Red de Defensa (Community Defense Network)

In only one year, we have

· given urgent advice and support to 55 people

· distributed 2,000 "know your rights" cards

· held "know your rights" workshops for more than 300 people

· had 2 successful interventions – the people were not taken away

· organized an immediate protest of 200 people against the courthouse raids

Come and recognize the volunteers who have made it possible – eat delicious food and enjoy music, love, and friendship of our community and
the donation of a beautiful painting by Salvadoran artist Alicia Preza

from 6:00 until 9:00pm

at ONA (122 Manton – where the flea market is)

Donation: $5 - $25 (what you can)

Call us at (401)228-8996 or send a message to onaprovidence@gmail.com
ONA –Olneyville Neighborhood Association

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meadow said...

How nice of you to post this "Celebrating Community Service on Valentine's Day!"

I read that another area Valentine's Day event is actually taking place the next weekend, on Feb.21. It is the Vagina Monologues that were forbidden to be performed at Providence College. It will be performed in Providence, which will make college president, the performance-banner, happy.

Here is the link from the campus newspaper: http://media.www.thecowl.com/media/storage/paper493/news/2009/02/05/News/The-Vagina.Monologues.Prepare.For.Another.Year.Off.Campus-3615753.shtml