Monday, February 9, 2009

Wyatt's Shameful Legacy (Matt Jerzyk of Rhode Island's Future)

Although I have not posted recently about Central Falls, RI's Wyatt Detention Center. It has been addressed by again by Matt Jerzyk (and Pat Crowley and Tom Sgouros)

I am grateful for the work of the ACLU (check their news releases).

Ironically or not, given the smallness of RI, I once wrote a letter of reference for a colleague who was seeking a position at Wyatt. The friend did get the job, but is no longer there. That's a story I've not yet heard...

Lately I've been wondering: Who was or is Donald Wyatt? How does he or his family feel about what is happening in a building with his name on it?

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Nancy Green said...

I almost took a job as a temp nurse there. I dread to ever find myself in a medical culture that ignores a man who is dying and in pain. But it's human nature to go along with the prevailing culture. I think there are a lot of Wyatt employees who have uneasy consciences about this. There are bad people, and there are weak people in a bad system.