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Not About the Buildings (Library) News

Save The Date! And The Other Date! And One More Date After That!

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Not About The Buildings has had a pretty quiet spring, but that's because we're about to have a very, very busy summer!

First off, we're doing a new photo project. It's still a big secret, but you'll want to keep the next Gallery Night (June 18th) free and be ready for some excitement downtown.

(Okay, so we're not so good with keeping secrets: We're returning to our roots and photographing readers! If you're not shy about your reading habits, this weekend is your last chance to take part. It's short notice, yes, but the surprise will be worth it when you see the final results. If you're intrigued and going to be in Providence this weekend, reply to this e-mail for some secret advance details.)

Secondly, we're looking for serious readers of all ages to help us take part in something else we're doing this summer in conjunction with another book-oriented organization in the city. We're not divulging all the details until the first day of summer (June 21st), but if you read a lot and want to help a good cause, reply to this e-mail. (Sorry for being so mysterious! Really!)

Finally--and this one's no secret--it's Bee Season! On June 22nd at AS220, it's the third annual Not About The Buildings Spelling Bee. Compete against the city's top smartypantses for fame and glory and the chance to win fabulous prizes. Or if you're shy you can come cheer and watch other people win fabulous prizes. Judges this year include reigning Bee Queen Maureen Reddy and Providence Kickball League Umperor JP Reader. And did we mention that the prizes are fabulous? The action starts at 9pm and you'll want to be very punctual--a little early, even--if you want to spell. (It's $5 to spell but free to watch.)

Befriend Your Branch

For the first time ever, all nine neighborhood branches of the Providence Public Library have friends groups. If you want to help your local branch, just ask at the desk and the librarians will be able to put you in touch with the organizers for your neighborhood.

Want To Be A Library Director?

On July 1, management of all nine neighborhood branches will be handed over to the non-profit Providence Community Library. The PCL is currently seeking a director; the deadline for applications is June 1, and they hope to have someone installed in the position by the time the transition goes into effect. Click here for more details.

Other Happenings Around Town

This Friday is the opening of The Book Show at 5 Traverse (5 Traverse St.)
This exhibition reception kicks off a month-long book release party for two limited edition artist books: 1) The Diary Project by Jessica Deane Rosner In 1986, this artist's diary disappeared; 14 years later a stranger returned it to her and she embarked on a project to transform each of the 72 pages into a new drawing. Here, for the first time, all 72 drawings are reproduced in a full-color, hard-bound book. This is a signed, limited edition of 50 books, each comes with a sealed envelope containing a secret original drawing by the artist. The original set of drawings, as well as hand-embellished fine reproductions, will also be available.2) Monday Morning, Going to Work by Will Schaff. At last, three new drawn stories appear in this 92-page, color, cloth-bound book. A limited edition of five books will be available with a unique, frame-able full-color drawings as a book-cover. The original drawings and fine reproductions of individual sequences will also be available. The show also investigates the State of the Object in Rhode Island, with original work by 20 artists who un-simplify the word "Book." Finally,Brent Legault of Ada Books is curating a wall of books he loves. Check out the Not About The Buildings blog very soon for a review of the show.

Next Friday evening is the Photo Lottery at AS220. It's the biggest fundraiser for the Paul Krot Community Darkroom: 150 photos by 150 photographers (including Mona Kuhn, Henry Horenstein and Danny Lyon), available for just $100 each. Buy tickets while you still can by going to the website.

And June 1 marks the opening of A Fragile Memory: Turn of the Century Glass Negatives from Providence Public Library's Special Collections Department. That's on view Monday, 6/1 through Saturday, 6/27, at Providence Public Library's Special Collections Exhibition Hall, 150 Empire Street in downtown Providence. Over one thousand glass plate negatives have long lain forgotten in the Special Collections of the Providence Public Library. Now a select handful of them will be hand printed and revealed to the public eye, possibly for the very first time. The project was conceived and curated by Agata Michalowska and was brought to bear through a close collaboration with local photographers working out of the AS220 Paul Krot Community Darkrooms. During the opening reception, James DaMico and Richard Ring will lend their expertise to help us further imagine the stories these photographs quietly suggest. DaMico, the Rhode Island Historical Society's Graphics Archivist, will talk about the technical development of photography with his presentation "Glass plate negatives: A Look at a 19th Century Photographic Innovation". DaMico will also discuss how Rhode Island photographers, both amateur and professional, were making use of the glass plate technology. Richard Ring, Providence's Special Collections Librarian, will offer us an informed historical perspective on the city at the dawn of the twentieth century with his presentation, "The Beehive of Industry: Providence in the Late Victorian Era, 1890-1910".

Based in Providence, Rhode Island, Not About The Buildings is an organization that creatively seeks to build local communities of readers and writers.

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