Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Richard Walton's 80th Birthday, Part II

Ok, the actual birthday has passed, but the celebration is always at the end of May and this year is no exception...

If you haven't met Richard, don't let that stop you from celebrating...

Here's the email (only very slightly edited) he sends out:

Hi, Just a reminder that my 80th Birthday Party, Part II will be on
Sunday, May 31 starting about 2 at our place, 1 & 5 Grenore St., in the
Pawtuxet section of Warwick, just south of the Cranston line off
Narragansett Parkway

Please do come but if you can't but would like to contribute, please
make checks out to Amos House and/or RICAEF [RI Central America Education
Fund] and mail them to me at 5 Grenore St., Warwick 02888. Thank you ...
but it would be more fun if you came. Details below. Peace. Richard.
P.S. And please help spread the word!

Ever since they started in 1988, they've probably been the biggest annual
social gathering of peaceniks, economic/social justice activists,
progressives, liberals, all-round lefties and folkies in Rhode Island and
nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut. I'm speaking, modestly of course,
about the annual potluck, fund-raising birthday parties of Richard Walton
to benefit Amos House and The Providence-Niquinohomo [Nicaragua] Sister
City Project. Over the years since my 60th Birthday, we've collected
about $65,000.
That first party was so successful, and so much fun, that we decided
to do it again the next year, calling it my 60th Birthday Party, Part II
... and we've continued in five-year increments ever since. So my 80th
Birthday Party, Part II will be held, rain or shine [and sometimes it has
rained!] on Sunday, May 31 at the Walton Compound [not quite as grand as
the Kennedys'], 1 & 5 Grenore St., Warwick just off Narragansett Parkway
five or six blocks south of the Cranston line on the Pawtuxet Village
bridge. Starts about 2 and often runs till dark, even after.
We ask people to bring good stuff to eat and/or drink and it's okay if
they bring their checkbooks too ... and often music breaks out. Since our
place is right on Pawtuxet Cove -- docks, boats, several organic vegetable
gardens and a glorious view -- it's a pretty good place for a party.
Plenty of room for grownups, kids, dogs, frisbees ... and last year even
a 1920's Model T Ford showed up and gave guests rides around the
neighborhood. So not only come but please help spread the word.
It's an INclusive party not an EXclusive one and, quite literally, the
more the merrier. Even some conservatives have been known to enjoy
themselves but no reactionaries. They wouldn't be seen dead with the
likes of us.
You'll probably have to park on the Parkway. Any questions? Call
Richard at (401)781-7504 or e-mail him at "richard@richardjwalton.org." It is
a pretty good party!

"When they come for the innocent without crossing over
your body, cursed be your religion and your life." Anon. But often
quoted by Dorothy Day.


Nancy Green said...

that's a good party, hope it don't rain.

democommie said...

Sounds like fun, but I'll be here in Oswego!

Nancy Green said...

how far is that from Pawtuxet?

Nomi said...

It's in Pawtuxet!