Monday, June 1, 2009

Reflecting on George Tiller

I never met George Tiller, but I am grateful to him for his immeasurable service as a doctor.

My heart is with his whole family.

The guest book on line has many incredibly moving comments.

One way to honor him is to contribute to WRAP or to

I know there are vigils in Boston and Washington and, of course, in his home state, but haven't heard of any in RI, but I'm sure there will be one.

There's a national organization, Medical Students For Choice, which has a local affiliate.


SeattleDan said...

Thanks for the link to the guest book, Nomi. I visited and signed.

democommie said...
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democommie said...

I was saying, in the comment I deleted, that George Tiller was, by most accounts a decent, caring man who loved his work, his family, his life and his faith.

That he should be murdered and then vilified by the cowards of the militant "pro-life" movement and the reichwing asshats in general is beyond obscene.