Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Enough of this shit!

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According to recent news reports on Yahoo! There have been more confrontations at "Town Meetings" on the proposed healthcare bill. One congressman apparently had a swaztika painted on his door. I assume the painting was done by one of the zealots who are led by the people who are insisting that Obama is a nazi. WTF?

Instead of standing around and wringing our hands about it, we need to be showing up--in huge numbers, to support the process and let the thugs that are there to shout down the congressmen (almost exclusively democrats) have a taste of their own poison. I'm not advocating violence. I am saying that all polls indicate that there are massive numbers of americans who are anxious to get some sort of program in play, while the far smaller but obnoxious and threatening crowd of idiots who have been raising all the hell at these meetings are doing everything in their power to dreail a process that they don't even begin to understand. This IS the sort of tactical and strategic action that was carried out by the nazis as they rose to power. When they finally controlled the organs of government, including the military, all such activity ceased and was outlawed as traitorous.

That we should stand by and watch this happen is just utter fucking nonsense.

I really am at the point where when someone starts to tell me about how they're going to resist the Obamasocialization, I have to tell them that they are clueless dupes. I have no problem with doing that; it needs to be done by ALL of us, until this foolishness stops.

I am sick and tired of listening to the talking heads--on both the so called "liberal media" and the obvious propaganda outlets like Fox--talk about the disruption of what are supposed to be informative meetings about the healthcare crisis as if they are a genuine groundswell by a sizable portion of the american people.

Go to the meetings if there are any near you, take as many people as possible, make placards, SHOW UP AND BE NOTICED. No violence, no confrontation, just a display of solidarity. It worked to help get the Rovistas out of the WH, it can work again, for this.

Do it.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Hi Democommie, I do recall a certain democommie with assorted ASCII blingage, and such as.

Let your freak flag fly, sez I!

Nancy Green said...

Hey Democommie,
A bunch of us went to Sen. Jack Reed's office and spoke in civil and rational terms. I told his representative not to be cowed by bullies and fanatics. Hope it helps.

democommie said...

Nancy Green:

I'm sure it absolutely does help. Of course the fact that he has the same name as the only American buried in Moscow's Kremlin is not of any help!

When I speak to any politician I try to be polite, but never deferential.

No Blood for Hubris said...

Trying to contact you, demo.

Anonymous said...

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