Friday, August 21, 2009

Recycling an old joke & the prescience of good Science Fiction

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The "birfers" and "deafers" are beginning to become the blackhole of batshit KKKrazy in our nation. The pull of teh Stoopid is so great that no light--of either scholarship or humor--may escape.

To recycle an old joke:

So, Satan takes a meeting with the entire GOP leadership and the reichwing's talking shitheads. He shows them a powerpoint of the world gone amok; war, pestilence, famine, endlessly proliferating tv reality shows and says:

"This can be yours--and it can be very, very profitable. The only thing I require is the blood sacrifice of your entire base of useful idiots--AND your souls."

Newt Gingrich, the group's spokesslime says, "What's the catch?"

Watching these people, or reading their rants, is alternately hilarious and disheartening.

I recommend reading C.M. Kornbluth's
"The Marching Morons" (1951) @ p=1

Which includes this Palinesque line:

"the broadcast drama about you and your neighbors, folksy people, ordinary people, real people!"

useful idiots, indeed.

I added this link:

(Thanks to Mack @ Coyote Chronicles--

This is a difficult thing to look at. It is about love and pain and the hell of losing one's child to a devestating disease. What strikes me is not just the emotional aspect but the obviousness of a cold hard fact. The young man in the photographs had what must have been exceptional medical care and still was in agony from his treatments and died far too young. I can only imagine what it would have been like for his loved ones to go through this with no help from the government or (oxymoron warning) a compassionate HMO/Insurer.

Please forward this link to everyone who tells you they don't think we need to overhaul our healthcare system.

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