Monday, November 2, 2009

Thank You Ninja Nurse, Democommie And Patient Friends

I have been a deeply dormant blogger, but the encouragement of the NinjaNurse, and Democommie and the famous bloggers of Newport and Other Mysterious Settings is waking me from the slumber.

This past Saturday at a wonderful Halloween event in my neighborhood, I had the great fortune to see Alex Svoboda, my friend whose knee was so harmed by the authorities in Pawtucket and who works joyfully with the Wobblies. Incredibly there are still charges pending against her ( and one or two others ).

Grace Paley's Birthday is approaching.

Rhett Jones' spirit is, I'm sure, following this Obama Administration and football and theatre and Civil Rights.

Marsha Z. West is Dancing and somewhere laughing about silly people blogging in her Memory.

And Harold Rogovin? Somewhere making jokes in Yiddish and reflecting on Sacco and Vanzetti.


Johnny Pez said...

What you need to do, Nomi, is sign up for National Blog Post Month. One post every day for the month of November. Take the challenge!

Nancy Green said...

glad you're back. i was just driving through your neighborhood and thinking of you.