Sunday, January 24, 2010

Just Because You Posed Naked, Doesn't Mean You're Transparent

It's no secret that Massachusetts held a special election this past Tuesday to elect a new Senator given the death of Ted Kennedy.

This election has been very widely covered in mainstream blogs and even network televisions and radio and newspapers (!!).

Rhode Islanders are naturally concerned about Massachusetts' elections, especially since their economy, health plan, governor, education (and a few other systems) seem to function better than ours. They are bigger. They forced us into existence.

Some Rhode Islanders worked diligently on the election. This is covered in the established blogs, RI Future et cetera.

Scott Brown won. There remain questions.

Yesterday I learned of a facebook group, Where's Scott Brown's Birth Certificate?.

The powerful question, "Just because you posed naked, doesn't mean you're transparent." is from Paul Day, a person I've never met and whose history is a mystery to me. He is the creator of the facebook group. As, I have only 3 minutes left on this computer, and, in fact, the library is closing in 22, I will end this abruptly...More later!

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