Friday, February 12, 2010

RI's Patrick Kennedy Is Not the World's Best Representative!

Last night the news broke in Rhode Island, that Patrick Kennedy was not running for re-election. Perhaps the story broke in the mid-afternoon, but I became aware of the news at around 7 p.m.

Because RI has only 2 Congressional districts, it has been the practice for people interested in office to move to the district with the vacancy or the perceived viability for the campaign. Patrick did this. I imagine it happens in other states. Anyway, my sense is that when RIers consider both representatives to be "theirs" it's not an unreasonable perspective. We move sometimes too!

I have met Pat, as I think every person with any interest in public events has, on a few occasions. He usually votes the way I would want him to.

He has neglected to respond to my questions about Gaza and the role that U.S. $$$ have in enforcing Israeli apartheid.

By "he," I mean his staff.

He has acted mostly in step with mainstream Democrats regarding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Has he done anything regarding the erosion of civil rights in this country and the abuse of "anti-terrorism" [should I say "counterterrorism" or perhaps, both]??

If someone if younger than I, then s/he is "young" in my book! Patrick Kennedy is about the age of my younger brother. There is plenty left for him to learn and to offer, and there are no lack of people who are equally qualified to Represent Rhode Island in (at?) the House of Representatives.

For years, I have encouraged Fran Weygand to run for office. She has never expressed interest, and it's been at least 2 years since we had even a wave at each other. No offense to Bob, but I'd rather see Fran Weygand have a chance than re-hire her husband.


Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

No family in American history - not the Roosevelt, not the Adams, and certainly not the Bush families - have paid a higher price in the service of the people than the Kennedys. And to be perfectly honest with you, I'm sick and tired of listening to them get kicked around by the clueless right wing.

It was announced yesterday that Ben Quayle, son of the former vice-president, will be running for congress. We here, at this glorious moment in the history of our great nation, are proud and privileged to bear witness to the birth of the Quayle family political dynasty.

I need a drink.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY

Nomi said...

I disagree with you only insomuch (??) as there are families whose history is not widely known given their class, ethnicity, etc. who have sacrificed their lives.
How many lynchings have occurred in the U.S.?
I respect any Kennedy's right to serve in quieter ways or vocal ways outside of Washington...
I am adding your blog to my list of 'extended family'.
I still have copies of the Quayle Quarterly...
Thank you for commenting.

Nancy Green said...

I'm inclined at this point to look for a candidate I can feel enthusiastic about, and not just 'settle' for. I don't know what party they might be from, I'm just keeping my mind open.
The problem is that if a good person comes forward who has the ability but not the money and connections it will probably be a symbolic effort.