Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Little Rhode Island Ranks 5th (Tied With Kansas, apparently)

In the midst of some searches for Gene Debs and Rhode Island, I found a sweet ranking for Rhode Island.

Although not in first place, we are very well ranked for Library Visits.

Education Statistics > Public Libraries > Library Visits per Capita (most recent) by state
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Showing latest available data.
Rank States Amount
# 1 Ohio: 6.9
# 2 Colorado: 6.3
= 3 Indiana: 6.1
= 3 Connecticut: 6.1
= 5 Kansas: 5.9
= 5 Rhode Island: 5.9
# 7 Wyoming: 5.8
# 8 Wisconsin: 5.7

South Dakota, New York and Illinois are all ranked 9th !

I am not familiar with this site, and rarely concerned with rankings (except in matters of baseball), but I Love Libraries, and think that library visits are a good thing.

How exactly a visit is defined, and how reputable these numbers are, I have no idea.

The Providence Community Library has a facebook page, and there is no requirement that you live in Providence or any part of RI for you to "like" it.

The Library Reform Group link is below.

Alas, the Providence Public Library is not handing over the buildings to the Providence Community Library, nor is it making vital repairs.

When buildings are closed due to heat ( no air conditioning ), falling roof, et al., our library visits per capita decrease.

Perhaps the RI Nonviolence Institute will mediate this conflict.

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