Friday, January 14, 2011

Celebrating Local Civil Rights' Heroes -- Honoring MLK

There is a group devoted to justice locally ( and of course, globally) which is honoring some folks tomorrow.
Before I arrived in Rhode Island in the early '80's I was told, " no one organizes buses[to Washington, D.C.] better than Bill" and experiences have shown that to be true...
Of the other three, only Chuck Levesque have I not met.

The Direct Action for Rights and Equality (D.A.R.E.) website seems a bit untended, but is worth visiting...

Here is the text from the facebook invitation to tomorrow's event:
Join us to kick off our 25th Anniversary year fighting for Social Justice!
Our MLK Civil Rights Fighter awards go to:
Rep. Joe Almeida
Rep. David Segal
Sen. Chuck Levesque
and our own Bill Bateman

We want to extend a proper thank you to our departing statewide politicians who had the courage to stand up for civil rights, and push back against a vast prison industrial complex locking up anything in its path.

Brunch will be served.
RSVP's are appreciated!
(RSVP here, or call (401)351-6960 to reserve your seat!!)

Get ready for an explosive year highlighting the past and propelling us into the future!!

DARE's page on facebook is here, and I know that most of my visitors are not in Rhode Island, but nothing's stopping you from joining the group via social networks....

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Nancy Green said...

sorry i missed it. thanks for posting it.