Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ramses contra los monstruos: salmos y apocalipsises or New from Rites and Reason Theater

Well, the first reading was yesterday, but there will be more !

Ramses y los monstruos: salmos y apocalipsises

Monday, February 7 at 9:00pm - February 11 at 4:00pm
Location Rites and Reason /&/ List Art Center @ Brown University
Created By
Victor I. Cazares
More Info
Ramses contra los monstruos: salmos y apocalipsises (bailes, canciones y visiones para el fin del mundo)

A Staged Reading
Performed in English and with English supertitles.

...written by: Victor I. Cazares
directed by: Ryan Purcell

1st Reading: Feb. 7th, 9pm @ Rites and Reason
2nd Reading: Feb 11th, 4pm @ List Art Center (64 College St.)

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It had been a long night in his clandestine laboratory.
Ramses el pozolero (stewmaker) had spent hours making and remaking the same recipe he'd made a million times before--but without the desired results.
The same recipe of his ancestral acid stewmakers.
He needed it for six bodies.
He needed it to dissolve them.
But in this cursed hour, the damned pozole instead of dissolving bodies, remade them.

Tito/Titus- Grant Chapman
Ramses- Charlie Thurston
Lydia la Lavandera- Barrie Kreinik
Padrecito Ernesto Alonso- Lovell Holder
Viri (Viridiana)- Lauren Lubow
Chema- Liz Morgan
La Yuri- Leicester Landon
Stage Directions- Kevaughn Harvey

:::part of the Writing is Live festival, a presentation of new works featuring nine plays by writers in Brown’s graduate theatre programs:::

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