Friday, December 16, 2011

Richard L. Grossman on the train to New York

Years ago, I traveled from Providence to New York fairly often, and always by train.

One day, at least 20 years ago, there was a man sitting near me, who, I think had been on the train since Boston, and his comment about the litter we observed prompted a lengthy conversation about the state of the world.

That man was Richard L. Grossman, and as I type this, I recall, his daughter might have been a college student in RI, and he might have been leaving Providence for NY, as well. Or possibly, he was on his way to visit her....

We talked for an hour about economics and this country, and he mentioned very casually his writing and leadership.

Weeks or months later, I developed an inkling over who he was. This was before the internet was in my daily use. He had, I think, given me a phone number or an address on a scrap of paper....

I called him or sent him a note, and he sent me a package with about 5 copies of one of his publications . It was a generous gift, and I treasured it.

Yesterday, I learned of his recent death.

Here is The Nation's piece about Richard L. Grossman.

I am really glad that I met him and send my condolences to his loved ones....

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